This is a fun inter-active day which is designed to challenge both the owner / manager and the team (staff) to look at the pub from a different direction – the customers eye view.

The aim is to increase the revenue of the pub as well as give the customer a better experience.  The key is to challenge and change behaviours if necessary.

                What is quality?
                What does quality mean to you or the customer?
                Where does value for money come into it?
                Dispense, presentation and service
What goes wrong
                Where are the pressure points in the keg dispense system?
                What are product specifications?
                Why have them?
                What goes wrong and why?
Cask ale
                Why should you care for cask in a specific order?
                What goes wrong and why?
                What you should sell and why?
                 Glass washing – where and why it goes wrong?
                 Line cleaning – Why Landlords view it as a waste. How to do it without losses to the business?
                 The impacts/consequences on customers?
“Excellent focus on improving service and quality to customer & improving beer through full maintenance” 
The Broadfield Arms

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