This is not just about cask ale, but how to sell it!

If you just put cask ale on your bar and think it will sell, then you will have a nasty surprise.  You will probably just switch the odd customer from keg bitter to cask and probably lose money.

This course looks in detail at all aspects of cask ale, from the care required to keep great cask ale, through it’s dispense to probably the most important aspect of all - how to sell it.

What the course involves:

•    Cask Facts

•    Strategy

•    Commercial advantage

•    Brewing

•    Cask & cellar care

•    Quality

•    Brewery Tour / Brewer's Presentation

The aims of this course:

•    To help maximise cask sales in your business, and increase overall wet •    The initiative will assist quality of product care, serve, and display, allowing you to add the ‘theatre’ of cask to your pub.
•    Help you tap into a highly influential group of drinkers who will help bring additional custom to your pub.
•    It’s tailored to your business - whether you’re highly experienced or new to cask
•    Making cask a high-value, recognisable asset for your outlet.
•    It is customer/consumer facing so give a greater understanding to the great potential cask ale offers as well as highlights        some of the pit falls.
•    Includes a quiz that success candidates will be given a certificate, Cask Marque approved. 

“Brilliant, informative “ The Nags Head

“Learned things I forgot, everyone should do it!” The Roundhouse

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