‘Edward has some of the most in depth knowledge of the operational issues facing pubs today. His ability to hone in on the specific issues and inspire people to fix them has made significant improvements to the bottom line of my business. His energy and ability to communicate is second to none, whilst getting members of my team to change behaviours for the better. I highly recommend him. ‘

Tom Davies, CEO, Brakspear’s


We do not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Our experience ensures that whatever the technical or operational requirement, we can provide you with the tools for business success.



Retained services – The ability to contact expert advice throughout the trading day.  Monitor and maintain the highest performance of dispense and retailing standards. Ensure that the pub/pub co gets maximum value from 3rd party suppliers.Maintain oversight on the performance of beer quality and wastage

Consulting assignments – Undertake specific quality / performance assignments delivering an agree action plan and results

Coaching & Mentoring

Changing careers or starting a new venture? We will coach and mentor you and your team through the transition into the hospitality trade.  Develop and monitor the retailing standards to ensure the best possible outcomes and to retain and motivate the team.  

Develop and or improve operational skills, efficiencies and sales

Managing multisite operations.  Running one good pub is hard but running two of more is more than doubly hard!  Understanding the how’s what’s and when’s is critical to ensure control of cost, retailing standards and of course profitability


Bespoke courses – Develop and deliver bespoke courses to improve/refresh every operational aspect 

Bar Team - the importance of understanding what impact they have on the business and its consequences.

Team inspiration and efficiencies – The impact this can have on the business is often misunderstood.  To ensure the team knows what to do when and more importantly why is an essential ingredient to a pub / pub co’s success.  


Post Covid-19 Operations

To design and co-ordinate individual methods and routines that ensure best practice for staff safety and correct social distancing to give 

Ensure the staff/team understand the importance of customers expectations, despite the exceedingly difficult trading conditions.  Maintaining standards of dispense and service

Retaining and maintaining the operational efficiencies to maximise profitability

Outside Bars & Events

Explore and or develop ideas to expand your business or create additional income streams.  Whether these be annual or seasonal events or outside bars, these are great ways of increasing your exposure, market your pubs and increase profitability.  There are however, many pit falls which our 26 years’ experience will help you avoid.


The creation of specific webinars on a wide range of topics, from the history of beer to the technical know how of maintaining your dispense systems.